An ideal location

Our location allows you to reach a multitude of points of interest located in the hinterland and on the coast. You will be amazed and will be spoiled for choice, but rest assured: we will be there to advise you according to your wishes. So... prepare to enjoy your visits!

The French Riviera

From the Cannes region to the Menton region, the French Riviera offers extraordinary perspectives which have made it one of the most popular destinations in the world.

At the edge of the Mediterranean, but overlooked by imposing reliefs, this exceptional territory has been and continues to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists, seduced by its light, its colors, its landscapes, its perfumes, its architecture, its way of life.

L'Arrière Pays

The "Pays de Grasse" and its many paths are pearls of nature that can be discovered along the way.

From the Siagne canal, via the Traverses de Grasse or Mont Peygros to the Haut Pays, the many landscapes of the Pays de Grasse reveal their secrets and seduce you with their intense beauty.

Treat yourself to breaths of fresh air, empty your mind, and become one with nature.

Welcome to the Préalpes d'Azur!

Sporting activities

Due to its relief and the beauty of its landscapes, the "Pays de Grasse" is an extraordinary playground, allowing everyone to have fun according to their motivations and physical level.

Swim in a preserved environment, evolve inside gorges dug by rivers, let yourself slide on polished rock slides, or even dive into clear and fresh waters at the foot of splendid waterfalls.

Another way to discover the territory: horseback riding. Horseback riding, which is increasingly popular, allows you to blend completely into the heart of nature.