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Welcome at Loup Castel Boutique Hotel B&B

Loup Castel is located in the heart of a green setting of 3000 m² in perfectly accessible terraces.

The villa has a large space for relaxation and entertainment around the swimming pool, offering you a wonderful view of the entire Loup valley.

You will appreciate the calm of the place and the many activities nearby that will make your stay unforgettable.

We are 10 minutes from Grasse. 35 minutes from the Croisette, 35 minutes from Nice Côte d'Azur International Airport, and 45 minutes from the Promenade des Anglais.

Loup Castel is synonymous with Slow Living and Zenitude : all our accommodations are exclusively non-smoking and reserved for adults (16+) for your greatest peace of mind.

Unfortunately, our animal friends are not allowed, we already have two adorable little dogs watching over the property.

Loup Castel

85 chemin des Genêts, LE BAR-SUR-LOUP, 06620, France


village gourdon loup castel

Gourdon the medieval

Its history oozes from the old stones and ricochets from one monument to another. Gourdon has survived the centuries by acquiring remarkable architecture and a rich heritage that has earned it the status of “The Most Beautiful Detours in France”.
riviere loup castel

Les Gorges du Loup

Crossing the hills at the foot of the medieval village of Gourdon, the Gorges du Loup (pronounced “Lou”) road is full of beautiful twists and carved tunnels. Contemplate its landscapes, its falls and take advantage of the many excursions on the river.
grasse parfum maison fragonard loup castel boutique hotel luxe b&b chambre d hote grasse chambres d hotes piscine

The Perfume Capital

Visit the historic perfumeries of Grasse: Fragonard, Galimard and Molinard. Complete your immersive journey by composing your own perfume...

confiserie florian loup castel boutique hotel luxe b&b chambre d hote grasse chambres d hotes piscine

The Florian confectionery

The confectionery located in Pont du Loup lives in a unique setting and climate, a mild high country where one could almost speak of a factory in the countryside. Visit its factory and taste quality gourmet products.
montagne loup castel boutique hotel luxe b&b chambre d hote grasse chambres d hotes piscine


Browse the many hiking trails and admire the alpine landscapes, the steep shores of the Mediterranean, the pastel colors melted into a rural environment.

18-hole golf course

The Grande Bastide golf course is just a few minutes from Le Loup Castel. It will delight both professionals and amateurs with its courses adapted to all levels of play.
bar-sur-loup village loup castel boutique hotel luxe b&b chambre d hote grasse chambres d hotes piscine

Le Bar-sur-Loup

A visit to Bar sur Loup, built on a rocky outcrop at 320 meters above sea level, is sure to immerse yourself in a past from all eras: Celtic, Gallic, Ligurian or Roman, the village still retains traces of these invaders who over the centuries have forged this rebellious village soul. Baous, shelters, Porte Sarrazine, narrow streets whose current dwellings acted as protective ramparts, everything is a pretext, for the attentive visitor, for a real history lesson.
nice loup castel


Is it the sun, present 300 days a year, its historical and cultural richness, which radiates throughout the world, the changing reflections of the sea that borders it or the peaks that dominate it, its dazzling beauty, its colorful accent or even the effervescence that lights up his nights? No one really knows what gives Nice this special light, but all those who have approached it keep in them the memory of a rare and precious moment. Of those who enlighten us from within, set hearts ablaze and make stars shine in our eyes.
bar-sur-loup bar sur loup castel boutique hotel luxe b&b chambre d hote grasse chambres d hotes piscine

Saint-Paul de Vence

The enclosure of the ramparts encloses the alleys and concentrates a thousand-year-old heritage. Rediscovering the traces of the history of men and stones alone or with a guide is above all to enter into the intimacy of a place. In the heart of the village, the Grande Fontaine brings its musicality to the medieval vaults. "The jet of water always makes its silvery murmur", wrote Verlaine.